Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome to Kosovo!

Hello Everyone! 
I must start by saying how very grateful I am to be here in Kosovo. Upon entering and talking with the senior couple presiding here, Elder and Sister Jones, I understand how greatly we are needed here and how hard it has been without Sisters serving here for the last few months. I thought it would be scary coming after the attack but we have had no problems. We are completely safe and are having much success. We have had a lot of luck calling up random numbers in the phone and meeting with them. We are trying to not only work harder but also work smarter. So far we are having much success. Our first night we sat down together and read from Alma 26 about Ammon and his missionary work. After reading, we made a plan and goals for our transfer. Our main goal for this transfer is to invitethousands to learn of Christ and baptize many just like Ammon did! We wanted to make a goal of baptizing hundreds but we thought that would be a bit difficult, but not impossible.  
We are beginning to understand that many here do not know Christ and never have any intentions of doing so. We had a refferal from a different city come and meet us with her best friend. We taught her a bit about the Book of Mormom which she readily took and then when we mentioned that we wanted to go to the church she refused. The idea of even walking by the church was impossible in her mind. Another thing that is different than Albania is the fact that people here when they say that they are Muslim, they actually practice their faith and religiously pray and cleanse themselves. It has been interesting talking to people and learning more about Islam. It is not all that different from us than I always imagined. The biggest difference is that they cannot believe in Christ and believe that simply asking God for forgiveness satisfies the demands of justice. We are doing our best to teach all that Christ is an essential part of the Gospel and Plan of Salvation. 
We are trying to do our best to follow Ammon's example and invite all to come unto Christ. We have seen progress and are trying to think of ways to reach a larger number of people. Today for our activity, we went to the place where Elder Nelson dedicated the land of Kosovo for the preaching of the gospel. Below I included a picture of the grove where it took place. After we read the prayer, we offered our own as a district and felt the power of the Lord in this area. The Lord is truly preparing this people for the Gospel. I feel in not too many years away there will be a stake here. We are really excited to see what the Lord has planned for this people in the near future!! 
Motra Hawkins

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