Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hey Everyone! 
I have sincerely loved the few short weeks that we have had here in Kosovo. The members are wonderful and our Senior Couple the Jones are amazing! It is going to be hard not having them here in a little while. Everyone looks to Sister Jones because of her love and Elder Jones for his leadership. It will leave a lot of room for growth here. 
This past week was amazing! We had great fun inviting everyone to come and celebrate Easter with us, even if none of them actually came.We spent the better part of everyday this week trackting and street contacting because no one wanted to meet because it has been raining and snowing. In the history of Kosovo for the last 100 years it has never rained or snowed for a week so it has been really crazy. It forced us to do new thing and consequently we found some really prepared people. We really saw the hand of the Lord in knowing who to call from our Area Book and really had some great success with that. The best part of the week was being led to a family who are really faithful and desire to learn more. The father was actually given a copy of the Book of Mormon by one of his friends from work (we are still trying to figure out who that could have been) and really enjoyed it. It was quite a surprise for us when he pulled out the book from his bookcase. My mouth about fell on the floor because no one here has even heard of the church let alone been given a Book of Mormon. Its humbling when you realize who's work you are doing. 
Things are still going well and we are striving our best to invite thousands and begin to help them prepare for baptism! 
Motra Hawkins 

P.S. Today we went and saw another waterfall and old Catholic church. Can you say amazing??

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