Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Birthday!!

Good Morning ! I am delivering a birthday message for Sister Hawkin's sister ( I think).

"Happy Birthday from Motra Aunt Tate !"

And can I add how much we LOVE, love, love Sister Hawkins ...She is  more than wonderful !!  We have been looking forward to sisters  coming back for 6 months....they are fabulous!!!

She is so good in every way.... I am so blessed to have her here.....thank you for your sacrifice and your love, prayers and support....

I am in tears at their goodness and all that they is so great to have sisters here with me...I am up here kind of in the North away from the rest of the couples !!   They have helped me so much...I pray daily that they can realize how valuable they are and their great worth...

AND  They are SO  safe need to worry !!!  We love the people here and love being missionaries !

  Our time is up in May ( so sad)..We live in Logan  nice to know we are close...if ever we can do anything...

So much love,

Sister Jones

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