Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy New Ward!!

Hey Family! 
This last week has been really hard on me because my companion has been really sick and consequently much time has been spend indoors (again). Though it has been a great time of learning and I have still been able to do some great missionary work. I spent a lot of time calling my investigators and even had an almost lesson with someone over the phone. It was not the most comfortable thing for me to do but now that I know that I can do it, I think I will try more often to do that. I also spent a lot of time doing book work getting everything up to date. I get the feeling that this next week with transfers, that I will not be staying in this area. It was really hard for me to be sitting for so long but it was good to finally get maps made and information in the books for future missionaries. I really have seen the importance it has because when I came into the area it was empty- there were no phone numbers, no maps and no records. I made it a goal to leave it better than I found it and I believe that I have succeeded! It has to be the world's best now...or something pretty close to it. :) 
Yesterday we were also able to see many miracles in the ward under the direction of the new Bishop. Things are going wonderfully in 3rd Ward and I know that many of the desires that we have had as missionaries will now be met under the new leadership. They help we have wanted in teaching, in finding and supporting the less-active members is finally coming. For the first time, we were invited to take part in the missionary part of ward council and voiced some of our desires. There are no more missionaries in leadership positions so everything is being run completely by the members. I am so grateful for the loving examples of Bishop Zela and his wife. They are truly miraculous and I am so excited for the time that we get to work together. Already they have provided their help and service in regards to investigator work and are extremely interested in visiting every single active member, recent converts and those who are being reactivated. Tonight we are actually going to take our investigator over to their home for Family Home Evening. It's going to be amazing!! 
It has been great for me to see the great changes that are taking place here. I am excited to see what the future holds for the members of this ward as they become more independent and willing to take more part in missionary work. 
I hope that back home things are going as well for all of you!! I love you all and pray that you are happy and working hard. 
Motra Hawkins

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