Monday, May 5, 2014

The Humble Seeker of Truth

Hello Everyone! 
I must start by saying that I am so grateful for Albania and the principles that it taught me while I was there. It greatly prepared me for all of the things that I would face while here in Kosovo. Multiple times on a daily basis others testify to me that there truly is no Christ and that the Bible is full of lies. This is always hard to hear but strengthens my testimony because I know what I know and no one else can take that from me. 
I know that Christ is the Savior of the World. I know that we have need for a Redeemer so that we can be forgiven of our sins. I know that Christ was born of a Heavenly Father and earthly mother. These things I know amoung many other truths.  
Missionary work has always been hard work- if it wasn't such there would be a lot more missionaries around the world. Fighting for the salvation of others is never an easy task but I am so grateful that I get to be a soldier in the Lord's army. Every day!! I understand that there are many things that I still have to learn and I look forward to the stretching and growth. 
The work here is slowly growing and we are finding and inviting more and more people. This past week we had success getting our one investigator who has accepted baptism to come to church! She really loved what she saw at church and is excited to come again. Even though she is Muslim, she bought a Bible and has been studying it for about 10 years so she understands everything that we do in our church. The priesthood, the sacrament, and ordinance of baptism are not new things for her. The best part of our last teaching opportunity was that she expressed that she sincerely felt she has found the truth. The look on her face and the Spirit in the room was undeniable! She too soon will be a member of this great church. One by the one, the Lord is sending His chosen children into our midst. 
I never tire of this work and am excited to see what the Lord has in store for the lovely country of Kosovo!! 
With a heart full of love, 
Motra Hawkins

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