Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Third Times the Charm!

Hey Everyone!

 Just to let you all know, I have moved Sunday night President Ford surprised me and told me that I am headed to Tirana 3rd Branch to train again for the third time in a row (I am really getting to know the training manual after ten months of using it). I just got to my new apartment here and it's nice. I wouldn't say it is anything like my others but it is nice. I will try and send some pictures later on.

 I just have to start by saying I am so excited to train here in Tirana!! It didn't even cross my mind that I might be training so I so excited. Tirana is really big and I don't know the area but I am excited to learn. Here in a couple of hours the new missionaries will be flying in and hopefully later tonight we will get to go out in the streets with them on their first day.

 It was really hard for me to leaves Durres after seven months and so many miracles. I am so close to so many members that it was 100 times harder to say good-bye to everyone this time. I don't even want to think about how hard it is going to be to have to leave the country.

 Motra Smith stayed in Durres and will be training there. For this past week she has been really sick and I worry about her a lot. She is throwing up often and gets really lightheaded. We went to the clinic on Monday but nothing came of the visit. It seems a lot like dejavu of last transfer I fear. I pray that everything will be alright with Motra Smith and that she will recover quickly so that she is ready to train.

 The New Year here was great last night, from what I heard. I have been so exhausted the last couple days trying to pack and take care of Motra Smith (and no I never went to bed late) that it has drained me physically. I do not remember the last time I felt so tired. Last night was some good sleep for the first time in a long time that was really needed. From what I hear though, outside was like a war zone with all of the fireworks. I am excited for the New Year and I have a lot of goals for these next six months, especially for training. I pray that I will be able to accomplish them and continue to change myself. This is what is the most important- the change.

 I love you all and pray that you are doing well!! Stay warm and stay strong!

 Motra Hawkins

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