Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year, New Start

Kati's letter from this week. She is not in Tirana and is a trainer for the third time in a row. One more transfer and she will come home. She says the fly home date is June 23rd (her un-birthday). We are anxious to wrap our arms around that little girl again.

Hey everyone, 
I just have to start by saying I feel that this transfer is going to be a bit harder than the last because I am not learned with the area but I know we will figure it out soon. Right now it just seems we are in a big maze and only know where our home and apartment are. I guess these are the only important places for the moment. So many times we have tried to find a members home and end up taking an extra half an hour to back track and find them. Unfortunately the Sisters here before did not leave a good area for us to work with so we are running around crazy trying to find members and investigators. I am so grateful that I heeded the advice of Preach My Gospel and left my area better than I found it. 
But the good news is that I am finally with my new companion/trainee Motra Defriez. She is from Michigan and has a very quiet personality. As a companionship our relationship is struggling a bit because we are very different because she is really stressed about not having learned the language. Luckily I am more than willing to help her and have learned to have a lot of patience from my other companions. I keep telling her that she needs not apologize to me for not knowing something but instead focus on what she does know and testify of the things that are in her heart. My favorite moments are when I see her doubting herself, and then the Lord helps me to imagine how great she can be with my help- not just with the language but also with teaching. Multiple times He has helped me to understand that this is my greatest purpose and this gives me the perspective I need to keep teaching her all I can. In just the few short days we have been together, she has helped me learn so much and I am excited to see what will unfold throughout the transfer. 
Other good news are the words that my mission president sent to me this week. In my email I read:
"Thank you Motra Hawkins. You are an amazing missionary, and you must know that to train three times in one mission is outstanding and very unusual. Thank you for being the best, always."
This was very comforting to hear and a witness to me to know that my companion and I need to be together. Ready or not Tirana, here we come!!
Love you all! 
Thank you for your prayers!!
Motra Hawkins

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