Monday, September 23, 2013

Lushnje, Police Station and Trios!! September 23, 2013

Hey Y'all, 
I don't have much time to write this week in cause of an unexpected trip to the police station (no we didn't get put in jail we only had to pick up a car crash report for our sister trainer leaders) so I will have to make it short. The first part of this week was crazy because we were in a three-some in Lushnje and then back here in Durres as a three-some again unexpectedly. It was great to see all of my favorite members in Lushnje again but it was even harder to say good-bye once again! I was able to show Motra Curtis (the one who is staying there for the next four months) the area and help her understand the circumstances and needs of the members and current investigators. It was hard to get my mind back in the area and thinking about those people again but it was great. We finished our stay there with a wonderful Zone Training where we set some awesome goals for our area. By the end of the year we have set a goal to baptize 26 new members and get our church attendance to 100+. Right now we have had two baptisms this transfer and we have 17 dates set with 10 on the the same day! It's going to be a great service!! The work has been really hard for us this week, even harder than last week because almost every lesson we set up falls through, but I know this next week will be amazing!! It's like that saying, the night is always the darkest before the sun rises, right? Well, other than the fact that my companion is bad luck (just to name a couple of things she has done the past week include breaking the handle on our dryer and faucet as well as dying all of her garments a beautiful sky-blue) so we are going to experiment a couple of Albanian based ways of gaining luck by handing stuffed animals in rooms, throwing salt around, as well as using rabbit's feet and an eagle eye. I'll have to let you know next week if anything comes from it! 
Love you all!! 
Motra Hawkins

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