Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 3 -- February 6, 2013

Hey Everyone! 
I finally have time to write a decent letter about how life is here at the MTC! We are no longer teaching the "investigator" Albana, she actually surprised us by telling us she is our teacher! This week we had a really special chance to teach our new investigator Linda. She is a mother that just lost her husband three months ago and is having a really hard time trying to understand why God allows bad things to happen to good people. While in our first lesson we were so upset with her that we didn't know what to say to her (in Albanian of course) to try and comfort her broken heart. Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet with her again and share a message about the Plan of Salvation and God's love for all of his children. We shared with her the scripture in 2 Nephi 2 about the need for an opposition in all things. We taught her that we can't know the light without the dark, we can't feel joy without first feeling sorrow, we can't be grateful for the good days unless we have some bad days. As I was bearing my testimony to her about this principle, the Spirit was so strong (yes I know that sounds so cliche but it is so true). The woman I was talking to was no longer a native Albanian acting for our sake, I truly saw her as one of God's children struggling to understand and looking for answers to her questions. It is so amazing to me how the Spirit is able to speak hear to heart, soul to soul, and express thoughts and feelings cannot express especially when it is from someone who can't really speak the language. This has been a great blessing in my life to come to understand. 
Another great opportunity I had this week was to stay with my other companion Sisar Clifford (a sister going to Finland) while she was sick. As hard as it was missing class, being able to talk with her and comfort me taught me a lot about charity and the love and concern our Father in Heaven feels for us. I almost can't believe how much more compassion and love I have for others now that I have become a missionary. It is fantastic! 
Okay, I used all my time chatting with Mom and Dad, so if you have any questions, they might be able to answer them. Sorry I wasn't able to say more. If you have any other specific questions- shoot me a DearElder and I'll include it in my next email. 
But, before I finish I want to extend an invitation for an experiment of your faith. I would like everyone to try this next week to instead of watching TV at night, to instead take the time to search the scriptures either personally or as a family. Specifically spend that time looking for the blessings that the Lord promises when we keep His commandments. Good luck and let me know (with references) what you find. I love you all and hope to be able to say more next week! 
Motra Hawkins

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