Monday, May 27, 2013

Hey Fam!! May 27, 2013

How are y'all doing? 
It sounds like you guys are all doing some pretty crazy things. It still blows my mind to think that Mom's dog business takes our family all over the world. I'm glad that Dad is back safely from Puerto Ric and I hope that Nelly will be safe and have fun in Croatia. Erica and Eman, good luck with your pathways program- I know that it is doing wonders here in Albania for the young single adults and I hope that you are having success down there in Mexico. To Casey and Jenni, I love hearing about Emma! I can just imagine how cute you all are with your little house and garden (complete with the mole and all) and all of your nice neighbors. I would love to see some pictures if you can send them. Emma sounds like she is getting so big now. I can't believe she is already talking and eating solid foods now. To Nelly and Jessie, I hope all is going well with the housemates and your jobs. Nelly, are you still working at the orphanage? I wish they had more orphanages here in Albania. There are so many children that roam the streets because they simply do not have a home. It is really sad for me to see how skinny they are, but that is what you get when the government doesn't really care about their people. To Drewby-Doo and Colli, how is wrestling going? I assume your season went well because I haven't heard anything negative. Are you happy that school is over? I know I was last semester....Have fun with your last fews days of school. Rolls down the windows, put on some Hot Chelle Rae and sing Tonight, Tonight for old times sake. To Aaron, have fun with the wedding. 
The work here in Durres is just going stellar- this week has been quite miraculous!
Last Sunday we went and taught the Seiti family again (the family that I mentioned in last weeks email) and they are very interested to learn. There are two parents and two litle girls named Adelsona and Anesa. They are a referal from one of the members here, and I am begining to realize that referals from members are very effective because not only do they already have a connection to the church, but they have that second opinion from someone other than the missionaries that they can ask questions. Our lessons have gone very well- we started teaching them half focusing on English and the other half on strictly gospel principles. The two daughters are nine and eleven, and both are very excited to learn and are progressing very quickly! One has a baptismal date and we will hopefully help the other one to have one as well! They absorb everything we teach like a sponge! Everytime we are with them, I am reminded how the Savior is always telling us how we need to become as a little child or else we cannot inherit the kingdom of God. This past week I have truly come to understand what this means- how we can become as a little child. As we are teaching, they are constantly asking questions and applying what they learn. They so readily accept what we teach and have no doubt that what we are teaching is the truth. It is amazing for me to see their faith grow and hopefully blossom here soon. Sadly, both of their parents are not very accepting of the gospel, but I hope with the passing of time that they will want to share the gospel with their parents. They were both able to come to church with us this past Sunday and they really enjoyed that. It was weird taking our investigators to Primary but they loved it! After church all they kept telling me was how excited they were to come back again and again Their father brought them but would not come inside the church. Maybe with a little bit of time, both of the parents will want to attend and started learning more about the Savior. 
   This past week was better than the last, and I hope that we can continue to improve. We are finally beginning to see improvement with our investigators and I have really seen the hand of the Lord in my life this week. There have been so many times that we have had something planned and it falls through only to have another opportunity come up that was even better than the first. Everyday has been full of miracles, mostly little but all important and meaningful in my eyes. We were also very blessed to hear one of the senior missionaries that served here awhile ago named Brother Preston. He is actually from Eden, Utah! I loved what he had to say in sacrament meeting and especially liked one of his final comments. He said that the strength of the Church is not in the size of the meetinghouses or in the amount of money we have but in the faith of its members. I really liked this because it is so true. Without faithful members who are willing to sacrifice everything for the Lord and work according to His will, we would have nothing and be nothing. Albania is growing slowly but I know that the Lord has great plans for His children here!
I love you all family and I hope you enjoy the pictures. I will try and send more if | can figure out this computer.... 
Again I love you guys so much!! 
Motra Hawkins

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