Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Week Comes and Goes -- August 12, 2013

Hey Family!! 
Sadly, this week was not the best- if not our worst in regards to the work. Like I may have mentioned last week, my companion is very sick and quite downhearted with her silly stomach. She is always laying in her bad nauseated and runs to the bathroom quite often. Many days this past week were spent inside the apartment, with her sleeping (or at least trying to sleep) and with me outside reading from the Gospel library and watching church related things. To sum up my week I watched the Work of Salvation broadcast twice, all of the past conference talks twice, watched all of the Mormon messages I have downloaded, listened to about five CES firesides, watched the Restoration video, and a couple other church productions. I also read a lot in the Book of Mormon, Jesus the Christ, started and finished Our Heritage and Our Search for Happiness. Basically I have done a lot of sitting, pondering, and knowledge gaining. It has been a nice physical break but I want to get out and teach!!! You know that saying, "You never know what you truly love until is gone." definitely applies this week. I can hardly believe how itchy I am to get  back out and teach our investigators, help members learn about the temple and do something other than sitting on a couch. I am hoping and praying that the medicine Motra Wait received today will make things a bit better because it is really hard for me to see her so upset over something she cannot really control. I think the biggest thing that I learned this week is that I truly do love teaching and that was manifest by the lack of it throughout the week. It's hard for me, but I know that it is so much harder for Motra Wait. Even though we were not with our investigators much this week we will still be having two baptisms this next week which we are really excited for and then a three more the week after that. Even though this past week was not the best, in the big scheme of things, the work is progressing and expanding faster than I ever thought it could or would. Haha I even had an investigator ask us if it was okay for him to talk to his friends about the gospel and invite them to come to church with him. I told her to talk to as many as he wanted and that the Elders could meet with the ones that we cannot. And then he asked if we could build a church out in his village..obviously he doesn't understand the need for Priesthood leaders (though he will be a great one here in a couple of weeks!!) Hopefully we are able to get some new investigators through that and help them begin to make sacred covenants. 
Well, other than that our week was pretty pale. Nothing crazy happened here. I hope you are all having a nice end to your summer and a special shout out to Casey and Collin ---> Happy Birthday bros!! And like the Albanians say, "Edhe nje qind!" which basically means may you live another 100 years. 
Well, that's all I have for this week. Pafshim! 
Motra Hawkins

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