Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And then there was one... March 13, 2013

Well family this is the end....of the MTC! 
I have just a matter of days and then I am on the plane to the Shqiperia!! We got our travel plans this week! We leave next Tuesdaymorning at 7:48 in the morning (we have to be at the travel office at 4:00!! to make sure we get there in time), have a layover in DC for four hours. fly to Vienna, Austria and have another long layover, and then if all goes as planned we shall arrive at 2:15 in the afternoon the 20th of March. Expect a call around 6:30 am to Mom's phone if I have time or at about 2:00 pm after I land in DC. I don't leave until 8:45 pm so I will have plenty of time to talk...thus why I will not have a huge letter this week again (Sorry!!!) 
I can't believe this day is here already! I am so excited!! As far as the language goes I know that no matter how much I have learned here it is going to be so much different once we get to the country (especially if I end up going to Kosovo). This past week has been Consecration week for our district which basically means that we spent the entire week only speaking Albanian, with the exception of meetings. We could translate for each other, but not directly speak English. At first it was a little difficult but I have learned and grown so much!! I love speaking Albanian, learning about the culture from my teachers and teaching our investigators. We had a baptism last Saturday and we have two other investigators who are working toward baptism. Even though they are just actors, I am so excited to start teaching real people with real problems!  
So other cool Branch President announced in church that he and his wife have been called to serve as Mission President for the Nairobi Africa mission! I am so excited for them. Marcos Aidukaitis, a member of the 70 came and spake at a Tuesday night Devotional and he had a really interesting message about the Plan of Salvation that I want to share. Isn't it wonderful to consider that the Lord has prepared the Terrestial and Telestial kingdoms for those of His children that will reject His Plan and the message of the Gospel. He loves us all so much that He has created kingdoms that are beyond even our slightest comprehension even for those who do not love Him. It's humbling to think how much our Father in Heaven loves and cares for all of His children. Oh and he totally sounded like Juanitio Bandito!! It was fantastic!  
Well family, I hope you know I love you so so much and am grateful for your prayers. I know this is where I am supposed to be and I love it. I love the hard work, I love the language, and I love the gospel. God be with you til we meet again. Talk to you on Tuesday!

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